Kiss&Arrow is a series of original abstract paintings by artist Luca M. Damiani. It is a platonic painted reflection as a hymn to love. Whatever type of love (are you a Sicilian Blood Orange? Or a Lime+Lemon, or PassionFluo, or Sweet Angel or Steady Touch, and more!), here takes an abstracted form of a kiss, with sharp lines and painted textures. With the crossing design of an arrow, it also gives strength, commitment and direction in the now. It is the tale of many stories, of many emotions in many places, with deep dynamics of color also as a study and an expression of connections.

"I have one special Kiss&Arrow in my heart. I believe in love (whatever type) as a stimulus to action, something that gives you strenght, something that makes you move. Also in difficult times, a kiss to life can point out what direction we can take next and give us hope!" - Luca

Kiss&Arrow is represented by Kit+Clogs Studio

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