Kiss&Arrow was set-up by artist Luca M Damiani

"Kiss&Arrow is for me a symbol to describe my ongoing process of adjustment for living with my sensory disability. The kiss represents acceptance and the arrow, positive action and direction."

"This evolving, cross-media project aims to explore my art as therapy and communication whilst living with a sensory disability and neurological condition, and also aims to build a collective-community of neurodiverse artists."

“A kiss to the way we are. An arrow for present action and direction.”


Luca M Damiani / Kiss&Arrow works and practices internationally. He works and experiments with diverse creative techniques, exploring artistic processes and reconsidering the combination of methods. His ongoing research-based practice looks at various areas of applied art and design, with the main focus on his own sensory disability as well as other branches of neuroscience/neurodiversity and mental health. To know more: Luca M Damiani