I have a sensory disability caused by an accident in 2018 - it has been a sudden and massive change, and I now co-live with a neurological disorder. I used to work as a digital artist and digital art producer, and now I cannot even use the computer for more than one hour a day before I get sick! So, brushes and canvas became my refuge: Kiss&Arrow has been a way for me to rechannel my practice, and to paint and put out many emotions and challenges I had to face and still facing. It is for me a gentle kiss to life, whatever type of kiss to a dear friend, family member, a partner, a natural element (for me water!). A concept of love for life, with big deep emotions we can share with a simple kiss and a hug. My Kiss&Arrow then became yours and theirs and hers and his Kiss&Arrow. Painting for you means a lot to me. Luca x&>

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What I love about Kiss&Arrow is the exploration of the theme of love and health (mental and spiritual health) as a powerful and dynamic energy that is generated through the connection between two people, beyond any label or convention. With sharp lines, many textured colours, and diversity even in its similarity, I feel that its design and meaning is more than ever relevant to all of us these days. Chiara x&>

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For me Kiss&Arrow brings a wide aspect of connection - everyone who has a Kiss&Arrow is part of a community of love for life enthusiasts! We are creating a shared voice with a collection of Kiss&Arrow paintings. All similar in their nature of love and format, and yet all very unique and very special! Sacha x&> 

For orders and/or a browse into the collection, have a look here. We look forward for you to getting in touch!